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Clinical Training

DCFNE offers individualized clinical trainings to RNs and student nurses to help individuals develop their clinical forensic skills and learn first hand what it means to become a forensic nurse.

Training Details

Participating in Clinical Training with DCFNE offers Registered Nurses an opportunity to understand the clinical work of a forensic nurse. Participants will be paired one-on-one with trained, DCFNE forensic nurses to observe clinical workflow and patient care. This is opportunity is only for registered nurses who have completed the 40-hour didactic training. 

Participants can expect to: 

  • Understand the elements of the Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK)
  • Gain a basic understanding of forensic photography
  • Recognize the opportunities to use the Alternate Light Source (ALS) and understand the benefits and limitations
  • Learn basic forensic chart documentation
  • Understand the role of the advocate during the exam